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Whether you’re new to using your CINC platform or you’ve been using the system for years...our FREE online webinars have the most up-to-date information on all the new tools and features within CINC.

CINC Special Event:
Online Conversion Event

This special crash course is designed to assist you in converting your leads and is only a small preview of what you can expect when you attend the in-person CINC University 3-day CINC Method to Success course. This event has a proven track record of success in lead conversion.

The CINC Online Conversion Event teaches CINC's proven scripting and prospecting mindset. Over 13,000 agents have completed CINC training, setting appointments worth over $10,000 during the training.

During this half-day event, you'll have the opportunity to practice the best opening lines, objection-handling skills, and closing techniques. Then, you can put them into play during Power Hour when calling your leads.

We will help you make money DURING this event!

March 7th, 2024 - 01:15 PM Eastern

Conversion Training, Role-playing, Objection Handling and MORE!

Every other Monday (excluding Holidays) @ 3:00pm Eastern

Our CINC Conversion specialists have already helped over 13,000 agents increase their conversion rate to an average of 33%!


We are confident that we can help you as well. During this LIVE webinar, our professional real estate experts will welcome you to participate in role-playing your toughest objections, discuss effective strategies to assist in daily prospecting, and set everyone on the right track for the week!

Monthly Feature Highlight: Property Promotion

Feb 28th 02:00 PM Eastern

Each month, the CINC Training Team will highlight a CRM feature. CINC will show you how to utilize functionality and bring awareness to tooling you may not use in your daily process. February will be Property Promotion!

Sharing your properties to your Facebook and Twitter accounts is a great way to promote specific listings and generate lead traffic to your site. As well, we will go over Buyer Matches during this feature highlight!

Advanced Training Part 1: Creating Behavior Based Filters

Feb 21th 02:00 PM Eastern

During this advanced webinar, CINC will teach you how to create custom filters. Favorite Filter combinations will also be introduced that allow for quick & easy future usage. Part 2 of this advanced training will take place the following day!

Advanced Training Part 2:
Being Intentional in 2024

Feb 22nd 02:00 PM Eastern

Part 2 of this advanced training webinar series will utilize the filters you created in Part 1. You will learn how to create intentional communication designed to help mine your database and encourage leads to respond or reengage your website.

Essential Training Webinar Resources

 Have a new agent, or do you need some extra team or individual Training? Below you will find recordings of our Essential Training Series! These are the three trainings we encourage all new sites and agents to attend and watch to help learn the CINC system, as well as, best practices to help streamline daily work and increase conversion!

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