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Accountability: Coaching Your Team the Right Way

CINC's newest virtual class, developed by CINC Certified Trainers and CINC Owners who lead highly productive teams, will show you the reporting tools you need to coach your agents to success, as well as the proven schedule and system of one-on-ones and team meetings to have more impactful relationships with your team. PLUS receive a spreadsheet designed to calculate the number of transactions needed to hit your goals based on your own historical data!

Topics Include:

  • maximize their team's impact in CINC through goal setting and tracking

  • hold their team more accountable to their goals

  • schedule and structure effective team meetings

2021 Dates TBA

Image by Micah Boswell

Recruiting: Grow Your Business to Last

An eight week virtual course sharing the proven system to recruit rockstar agents and build a thriving business

for CINC site owners and team leaders

Topics Include:

  • building a successful foundation

  • creating a powerful vision and mission statement

  • attracting agents through culture

  • crafting an effective interview process

  • maximizing CINC for recruiting

  • how to recruit for $0 investment

2021 Dates TBA