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Whether you’re new to using your CINC platform or you’ve been using the system for years...our FREE online webinars have the most up to date information on all the new tools and features within CINC.

CINC Special Event:
Online Conversion Event

This special “crash course” to help you convert your leads is only a small sample of what you can expect when you attend the "in-person" CINC University 3-day CINC Method to Success course. However, this event will help you convert your leads. Proven. Successful.

The CINC Online Conversion Event will teach CINC's proven scripting and fearless prospecting mindset. Over the past 5 years, month after month, over 11,000 agents have completed CINC training each time setting appointments worth over $10,000 in commission each DURING the training!

During this 1/2 day special event you’ll have the opportunity to practice the best opening line, objection handling skills, and closing techniques, then put them into play in Power Hour calling your leads.

We will help you make money DURING this event!

Conversion Training, Role-playing, Objection Handling and MORE!

Join us EVERY OTHER Monday (excluding Holidays) at 3:00 pm EST for our CINC Conversion Training, Role Play, and Objection Handling webinar!

Our CINC Conversion specialists have helped over 10,000 agents increase their conversion rate on average 33%! We know we can help you too!On this LIVE webinar, our professional real estate experts welcome you to role-play your toughest objections, discuss strategies to help in our daily prospecting, and get everyone started on the right foot for the week!

3 Day Essential Training Course

The Essential Training is available for all users of the CINC platform. From Site Owners to Agents, you will learn CINC’s essential tools for CRM success. We encourage users to attend all 3 days to understand the full scope of the CRM and build upon the previous day's accrued knowledge.

Basic CRM Actions

August 12th @ 2:00pm Eastern

Daily Best Practices

August 12th @ 2:00pm Eastern


August 12th @ 2:00pm Eastern

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