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The CINC Method to Succes.

CINC users have been taught the CINC method.
Is earned, on average, by each Power Hour participant.
Contacted to Appointment Set is reached by using our training.

“CINC University is the best place
to learn the
CINC Method to Success.”

Day 1

Platform Best Practices

Day 2

Engaging your database

Day 3

CINC Conversion Day

“ In this limited amount of time, I could already see the difference when I was making calls. I wasn’t getting immediately shut down!! People relaxed and started to really open up and allow me to start helping them in a real way. I highly suggest CINC University to anyone using CINC. ”

Karen Clark

CINC U Las Vegas 2023

The CINC University course is a 3-day long event.
2 full days of platform training + 1 full day of conversion training.
Don't leave early the agenda is packed full of actionable info each day!

Secure your seat now

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